CM Punk Weighs In On WWE NXT's Bron Breakker

What does AEW man CM Punk think of WWE's latest name change on NXT 2.0?

Bron Breakker

CM Punk agrees that outraged wrestling fans will "get used" to WWE's new name for Bronson Rechsteiner eventually.

The AEW star replied to a fan tweet on the subject of the re-dubbed Bron Breakker and said that his own moniker "is the ultimate stupid name". He then went on to say that "Bron is awesome and is going to be fine" long-term despite his new branding.

Punk does think (like most of the wrestling viewership) that Breakker should still be using the Steiner surname, but said that's "not his fault". WWE made the call to change it for NXT 2.0, and that's just something everybody will have to live with.


Comeback king Punk doesn't believe for even one second that a silly name can hold someone as talented as Rechsteiner back though. He joked that he's tempted to switch up his own title to "Killer Brooks" and take the AEW landscape by storm.

Earlier, the fan Punk was responding to pointed out that names like Roman Reigns sounded stupid at first. They went on to add that "goober names just become names over time if the wrestler isn’t ass".


Well said.

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