Drew McIntyre Names His Own Fantasy WWE Faction

Here's who Drew McIntyre would gang up with in WWE if he had the choice.

Drew McIntyre Damian Priest

Drew McIntyre is happy flying solo, but who would he personally pick as allies if WWE told him to head up a new stable on Raw?

The Scot unveiled his choices during a chat with 'Turnbuckle Talk', and they might surprise some. There's no room for real-life pal Sheamus - Drew stuck to kayfabe here by suggesting that his old buddy is prone to turning on partners.

Then, he got into the meat of the issue and revealed who's been impressing him the most on Monday nights.


Firstly, McIntyre would choose Damian Priest. He's enjoyed sparring with the United States Champion recently, and that's why he'd be top pick. Next, Drew would choose Riddle. The reigning Raw Tag-Team Champ has been earning a ton of praise alongside Randy Orton as RK-Bro.

Finally, former WWE Champ McIntyre would love to help develop Omos and make him the man mountain of an already-sizeable collective. Drew did, however, applaud AJ Styles for taking the 'Colossus' under his wing and improving him.


So, there you go - Drew McIntyre, Damian Priest, Riddle and Omos could be the best stable you'll never see on WWE TV.

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