Ex-WWE Star Says Company Are "Shooting Themselves In The Foot"

Someone new just weighed in on Retribution...


Former WWE star Mike Bennett (who was known as Mike Kanellis in the company) told Wrestling Inc Daily that his old employers are "shooting themselves in the foot" with bad booking and questionable logic.

Specifically, Mike is worried that his real-life friends working the new Retribution stable have been backed into a corner they'll never get out of. Bennett worked alongside Mia Yim, Dominik Dijakovic and Shane Thorne on the indy scene before they all reached WWE, and he described them as "unbelievable talents".

He isn't sure this Retribution business is right for them.


Bennett thinks WWE tend to rush into things. He said, "They don't take little pieces and think them through". Mike is also concerned that fans have already dismissed Retribution as silly, and thinks that could have a detrimental impact on Yim, Dijakovic and Thorne going forwards on Raw and SmackDown.

The two-time 24/7 Champion told the podcast that WWE are "fighting an uphill" battle with the group's dynamic. As worried as he is though, Bennett closed by saying he'd definitely give Thorne crap for agreeing to be called 'Slapjack' the next time he bumps into him.


What else are friends for?

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