Finn Balor Set For Significant Time Off From WWE?

'The Extraordinary Man' could be set for some time again.

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The past few days haven't been kind to Finn Balor, who now stands with nothing after walking into WWE Extreme Rules 2019 as Intercontinental Champion.

A surprising pay-per-view loss to Shinsuke Nakamura ended his lacklustre reign at 98 days. The following night's Raw saw him defeated by Samoa Joe in less than two minutes, and while Balor got his heat back by hitting the Coup de Grace afterwards, he soon fell victim to Bray Wyatt's re-debut as 'The Fiend.'

Now, it looks like 'The Extraordinary Man' is set to take some time off from the company.


Pro Wrestling Sheet broke the news last night, reporting that Balor has asked WWE officials for two months off - a request the promotion has granted.

It's thought that the hiatus will commence after SummerSlam, where Finn could end up facing Wyatt. Speculatively, this could mean 'The Fiend' destroying Balor to write him off television for however long he needs to "recharge," which is thought to be the reason behind his request.


This break could be exactly what Balor needs to refresh his character after what has been an up and down 2019 so far. Here's hoping he comes back revitalised.

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