Former WWE Diva Jillian Hall Arrested

More problems for the former WWE diva.

Former WWE Diva Jillian Hall was arrested on Sunday April 10th due to a DUI. She was arrested in Orange County, Florida and is awaiting trial. Her blood alcohol level was higher than 0.20, although she pleaded not guilty when appearing in court on April 14th. She's scheduled to return to court on May 14th. You can see her police mugshot at the top of this post. She has tweeted in the past twenty four hours, stating "Some things are better left unsaid. Respect people's privacy. Not everything is your business!" "If I go to jail tonight, promise you'll pay my bail. They wanna buy my pride, that just ain't up for sale."... Sk, " she added with a heart symbol. This is her second arrest. She first fell foul of the law on April 23rd 2012, when she was arrested for battery, which stemmed from an incident with her husband. Following that arrest, she apparently divorced from him. It is never good to see former WWE talent struggling like this. She's only 34, but her career peak is already a decade behind her. She started on the main WWE roster in 2005, with the gimmick of a huge growth on her face. She remained with WWE until 2010, when the company didn't renew her contract. It is unlikely they'll ever bring her back now, with two ugly looking arrests to her name. Hopefully she can find peace in her life away from the squared circle.
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