'Guitar On A Pole' Match & More Announced For WWE Raw

Yes, 'Guitar On A Pole'...

Somewhere, Vince Russo is smiling a happy smile.

WWE just announced that Elias will meet Jeff Hardy in a 'Guitar On A Pole' match on this coming Monday's episode of Raw. The company are promising that this will be "musical mayhem". That...could be accurate, but it's likely to be the blow off for this mini-feud.

Elsewhere, Raw Tag-Team Champions New Day will face Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin in a non-title tag match. Fellow Hurt Business members Bobby Lashley and MVP are on the graphic too, which probably means they'll be at ringside.


There's another tag match on offer - Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke join forces to take on Women's Tag-Team Champs Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax (again in non-title action). This is being billed as important to the scene at Survivor Series somehow.

WWE are also promoting more qualifying matches for Team Raw's Survivor Series squads, and asking, "Who will come calling for Randy Orton next?". The WWE Champion faces Roman Reigns on 22 November, but he also has unfinished business with Drew McIntyre and the looming threat of Bray Wyatt to work with.


Looks like a packed episode.

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