How The AEW Locker Room Is Reacting To CM Punk Rumours

More backstage details on AEW potentially signing CM Punk.

CM Punk

CM Punk's name has unsurprisingly been a topic of conversation in the All Elite Wrestling locker room lately.

Per Fightful Select, wrestlers who haven't previously collaborated with the seemingly incoming former WWE Champion have been asking about how easy he is to work with. This follows last week's big story that Punk has been in contract negotiations with the Tony Khan-helmed promotion.

AEW teased Punk's arrival heavily on last night's Fight for the Fallen show, with Darby Allin seeking a match with "the best in the world," MJF referencing the pipe bomb, and more.


The report also offers up some more backstage details on the AEW/Punk situation, noting that the promotion has been interested in bringing him in since last year. There is no indication that formal discussions were held at that stage, however.

Having learned of the talks last week, and with the situation described as a "closely-guarded secret", Fightful state that other media had inquired about the situation and learned more than those involved knew about.


Punk hasn't wrestled since January 2014, when he was let go by WWE shortly after that year's Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

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