Huge Update On WWE And NXT's Taping Schedule

It's shaping up to be a busy few weeks for the superstars of WWE and NXT.

With WWE regularly changing up its taping schedule over these past few months, now comes an update on what lies ahead for the next few weeks of WWE TV tapings.

From the ever-reliable POST Wrestling, the current WWE taping schedule looks a little something like this:

- Today: The July 6 and July 13 episodes of Raw


- July 15: The July 15 and July 22 episodes of NXT

- July 17: The July 17 episode of SmackDown and an episode of 205 Live


- July 19: Extreme Rules

- July 20: The July 20 and July episodes of Raw, plus Main Event and Raw Talk


- July 21: The July 24 and July 31 episodes of SmackDown, plus 205 Live

- July 29: The July 29 and August 5 episodes of NXT

- August 3: The August 3 and August 10 episodes of Raw, plus Main Event and Raw Talk

- August 4: The August 7 and August 14 episodes of SmackDown, plus 205 Live

- August 12: The August 12 and August 19 episodes of NXT

- August 17: The August 17 episode of Raw, the August 21 episode of SmackDown, plus 205 Live, Main Event, and Raw Talk

- August 22: NXT TakeOver

- August 23: SummerSlam

All NXT content will be taped from Full Sail, with all of the other content being taped at the WWE Performance Center.

It’s certainly going to be a busy few weeks for WWE talent, and here’s hoping that WWE manages to regularly test all of its staff and superstars throughout all of these tapings.

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