James Ellsworth Denies Sending Nude Photos To Underage Girl

Former WWE star allegedly sent images to 16-year-old.

James Ellsworth Allegations

Former WWE SmackDown superstar James 'Ellsworth' Morris has denied that he sent a naked photo of himself to a 16 year-old-girl.

Twitter use @kliqkid made a series of social media posts last night alleging that Morris sent her a number of indecent images via Snapchat. @kilqkid, a teenager whose Twitter bio describes her as an 'aspiring pro-wrestler' from Boston, MA, also included several screenshots of the less obscene snaps supposedly sent by Morris.

Morris quickly denied all allegations, issuing the following statement to WrestlingNews:

“I category [sic] deny all allegations, please direct all further communication to my attorney 410-841-4600.”

Ellsworth's attorney later made a longer statement, repeating his client's refutations:


In her Twitter posts, @kliqkid also made reference to 'multiple people including wrestlers' hitting her up, and mentioned being called "cute" by former ECW star Sabu via social media. Ellsworth's accuser later released a video explaining the situation, vouching that she would "never lie about something this serious":


Sending or receiving a sexually explicit image to or from a person under the age of 18 is considered sexual exploitation, and can carry a criminal charge. Currently, the maximum sentence in Massachusetts for sending material considered harmful to minors is up to five years in prison, with a $1000 - $10,000 fine for a first time offence.

Check back for more information on this story as it emerges.

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