Jon Moxley Returns To Action On AEW Rampage, New Feud Revealed?

Mox was back in action on AEW Rampage. But who looks to be next in line for the returning star?

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Jon Moxley made his long-awaited return to AEW action last night on Rampage.

Taking on The Man of the Hour Ethan Page, the former AEW World Champion would resume his winning ways in Tony Khan's promotion via referee stoppage. But fresh off of beating the p*ss out of his adversary and storming through the crowd in typical Mox fashion, the one-time Shield man would bump into a rather familiar face.

Applauding the menacing sensation for his impressive comeback performance, Bryan Danielson would smile and seemingly congratulate Mox for his efforts. Ever the badass, this gesture was quickly brushed off and ignored by Moxley before he made his way out of the arena.


With Danielson smirking at the turn of events, it seems as though AEW could be looking to throw these two eye-catching names together for an incoming programme. Mox and Danielson seemed originally set to throw down at Full Gear 2021 in the final of the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament, though those plans wee obviously scrapped when Mox opted to focus on his health and entered an inpatient program for alcohol treatment in early November.

Adding more fuel to a supposed feud between the two going forward, Danielson would salute Mox's return on Twitter earlier in the week, proving this fellow former WWE man has very much caught The American Dragon's attention over the last week.


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