Latest On Who WWE SmackDown's Mystery Woman Is

It's pretty obvious now...


WWE ran yet another vignette for the mysterious blonde woman in heels on Friday's episode of SmackDown.

This clip showed the lady getting dressed behind a screen, walking in pink heels (again), getting zipped up by an assistant (again) and then hiding her face with a small hand mirror.

You've likely worked out by now that this is going to be Carmella's new gimmick. A fan on Twitter already spotted that the mystery gal has 'Mella's dove tattoo on her left arm. That's some top class sleuthing right there.


It's also obvious from watching Friday's vignette that Carmella will be revealed as the gorgeous blonde in question. There was a point during the short, 41-second vid that she turned to the camera whilst moving a mirror across her face - pause that at exactly the right moment and you'd just see 'Mella's face.

There's a good chance WWE will unveil her repackage job over the next few weeks. It's very Emmalina, but Carmella did need something new to do on the SmackDown roster. She'd been dying a slow death in the women's division all year.

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