Luke Gallows Claims Roman Reigns Changed WWE Locker Room

'The Big Dog' helped change the backstage atmosphere, according to the Good Brother.


Speaking during an appearance on Sitting Ringside with David Penzar, former Raw Tag Team Champion Luke Gallows has revealed Roman Reigns was the person who helped thoroughly change the WWE locker room culture.

Over the years, we've heard countless stories of veteran wrestlers hazing the stars of tomorrow in their earlier years. However, the days of new WWE signings and rookies being bullied or tested seem to now be mostly in the past and the recently released Good Brother thinks 'The Big Dog' is to thank for this better atmosphere. He also admitted he wasn't excited to return to the company in 2016 and would have preferred to stay in Japan.

'I will say this. I was not a fan of Gallows, Anderson, and AJ Styles joining WWE in 2016. I said that publicly. I thought we had a good thing going in Japan.'
'When I got there in 2016, I was pleasantly surprised because the locker room of old had changed. The old guard was gone. It wasn’t everybody walking around on eggshells. I give big credit to Roman Reigns for that. It wasn’t the locker room vibe necessarily in WWE, it was the vibe of some of the people who weren’t in charge who still try to lead through fear and everybody is supposed to be scared of everybody and all that stuff.'

Reigns has regularly been hailed as an outstanding locker room leader by stars like Mike Kanellis, Aleister Black, Kurt Angle and many more, so it's no surprise to hear him credited as the person responsible for changing the backstage environment for the better.


Gallows can now be found on Impact Wrestling with his fellow Good Brother 'Machine Gun' Karl Anderson and the pair also look set to return to Japan as soon as the current global situation allows it.

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