Major WWE Face Turn Imminent?

This dark match tease points towards a big-time WWE face turn soon...

Seth Rollins Silhouette

Is Seth Rollins on the verge of turning babyface? A video clip uploaded following last week's episode of WWE SmackDown suggests so.

Though very much still in his current 'Drip God' persona, Rollins was playing to the crowd before getting jumped by The Usos. When he fought back, knocking Jimmy and Jey down, he got all the way into working the crowd, nailing one stomp before hitting the corner and going full Shawn Michaels, working the audience up by stomping the mat.

After his version of 'Tuning up the Band', Rollins landed another stomp, then celebrated.


See for yourself below:-

While dark angles like this aren't always canon, a turn might make sense for Rollins at the moment. He was unveiled as Roman Reigns' next Universal Championship contender on SmackDown itself. Reigns isn't likely to turn face himself anytime soon and without a change, the Royal Rumble match (and its build) would play out with wonky alignments.

Going face might not be natural for Rollins' deluded, megalomaniacal character at the moment, though he was clearly leaning into it for the above confrontation with The Usos. Whether or not this makes it to television remains to be seen.

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