NXT Talent Called Up To Main Roster

The performer was called up earlier in the year, but is still yet to debut.

Vanessa Borne has been quietly called up to the WWE main roster, according to a report from Fightful Select.

The performer signed with WWE back in 2016 and has since competed in the 2017 Mae Young Classic where she was defeated in the first round by Serena Deeb.

Fightful's sources claim that the NXT wrestler was actually called up in January or February, which was right around the time she disappeared from the black and yellow brand. However, at this moment in time, Borne still hasn't made her official main roster debut.


Borne's contract was due to expire, but once she re-signed her call up came soon after - a similar thing happened to Riddick Moss recently. Since being called up, WWE hasn't regularly flown her in for television tapings and there's still no news on when her actual debut will take place.

The uncertainty surrounding Borne may have something to do with WWE going through a lot of unexpected changes since she was brought into the mix. The current global situation and the removal of Paul Heyman as Executive Director of RAW have altered WWE's plans significantly, meaning Borne may be forced to wait a bit longer before they can figure out what to do with her.


It's also unclear which brand the former NXT wrestler will appear on when/if she does debut.

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