Paige Provides Major Update On Neck Injury And Future

Paige is getting stronger and the WWE star also provides an update on the condition of her neck.

Paige WWE

Paige has taken to Twitter to provide her fans with an update on the condition of her neck and how she's feeling after hitting the gym again.

After being tragically forced to retire after an injury in December 2017 at a WWE live event, the former Divas Champion, who is still signed to the company, has been used in various backstage and authority figure roles, appearing on WWE Backstage and as SmackDown's General Manager for a time.

However, in recent times, it appears the star seems to be eyeing up the potential of an in-ring return. Paige tweeted out a fingers crossed emoji alongside the caption "one day" in response to a tweet focused on Daniel Bryan and Edge in February, two other stars who famously returned from career-ending injuries. And even confessed to Renee Paquette in April that her neck is feeling good and that she'd return to the ring if she could.


Now, the former NXT Women's Champion has revealed a further update on the status of her neck and overall health via tweet. On top of being able to squat 185lbs in the gym, something she's been worried about doing because of her neck, Paige stated that her "neck is feeling so awesome."


Whether or not this does lead to an eventual in-ring return is still anyone's guess at this moment in time. But the signs do appear to be positive, and Paige feeling confident enough to get back in the gym again is a massive win in itself.


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