Paul Heyman Teases Managing Ronda Rousey In WWE

New client incoming for the 'Special Council'?

WWE's resident wordsmith Paul Heyman put Ronda Rousey over huge during a recent interview with Bleacher Report.

The former 'Advocate' for Brock Lesnar and current 'Special Council' for Roman Reigns was asked if he'd be interested in working with Rousey should she launch a WWE return. Typically, Heyman took the question and ran with it.

He said that he has worked with Ronda backstage in the past, and has always admired her skills. Then, Paul E revealed he "would never limit any contribution that [he] could make to Ronda Rousey’s presentation or Ronda Rousey’s vision for herself in WWE or outside of WWE".


Note the wording at the end there. That could be Heyman's way of saying, 'Hey, Ronda - come get me'. Or, he might just be playing with the interviewer in classic Heyman fashion.

Paul pretty much said that he'd jump at the chance to manage Rousey on screen should she make a comeback to WWE screens. If that ever happens, then fans should expect Heyman to rejig his presentation all over again so he isn't just managing the female version of Lesnar.


Interesting times. Interesting times indeed.

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