Potential Spoiler On WWE's SmackDown Mystery Woman

Don't click if you want to do your own detective work!


Again, this article includes possible spoilers for the mystery woman story WWE are running. DO NOT read if you don't want to know who it could be, or if you'd rather do your own sleuthing.


An observant WWE fan on Twitter may have unraveled the mystery over exactly who is playing SmackDown's mystery woman.


WWE ran a new vignette for the blonde bombshell on the latest episode last Friday, and that led to speculation that it was Eva Marie, Dana Brooke, Chelsea Green, Charlotte Flair, Carmella or Sonya Deville. Now, it seems Carmella is the frontrunner.

Confused? Then check this out.


Twitter user @imqueen_kimmy posted side-to-side pics of 'Mella and the mysterious blonde. They reveal a faint dove tattoo on the mystery woman's left arm. That was barely visible in motion during WWE's video package last week.

Carmella has the exact same ink work on the inside of her left arm.


Would it be ridiculous of WWE to add this in post-production to fool anyone who might be paying attention? Probably. It does look like 'Mella is about to get an overhaul and start playing a new gimmick in coming weeks.

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