Renee Paquette Responds To Bully Ray’s Comments About AEW's Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley's wife, Renee Paquette, tweeted out a response to Bully Ray's "apology" comments.

Renee Paquette Jon Moxley
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Renee Paquette has broken her silence regarding Bully Ray's recent controversial comments on the return of AEW's Jon Moxley.

The former Dudley Boyz member caught headlines for all the wrong reasons over the last few days with his words on Busted Open Radio the day after Mox's emotionally-charged and moving return to The Land of All Elite. Ray would claim that the former AEW World Champion owed fans an apology for his absence due to needing treatment for alcoholism.

Now, Mox's wife and former WWE personality Renee Paquette has taken to Twitter to reveal her opinion on Ray's unnecessary words. Paquette, a frequent Busted Open Radio guest in her own right, would respond:

"Real bad take Bully Ray,”

Echoing this sentiment, former WWE star Paige would also take to Mox's defence in light of this odd statement from Ray and take a shot at the former WWE Tag Team Champion in the process, tweeting a reply to Paquette:

“There’s a reason everyone prefers Devon. What an awful thing to say.”

WWE legend Mick Foley would also chime in by stating that "Jon Moxley doesn’t need to apologize to anyone. Just my opinion."


Ray is yet to respond to the many forms of backlash he's received for his post-Dynamite comments a few days ago. But it's safe to say his words have left an understandably bitter taste in many a performer and fan's mouths after Mox opted to focus on his health before resuming his professional wrestling career.

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