Report: Matt Hardy's WWE Contract Expires In 2 Months

Hardy is in negotiations with WWE, but there's a hangup...

Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy's current WWE contract expires sometime in February 2020.

This is according to PWInsider, who note that Hardy would be free to work for other promotions as soon as his deal is up, suggesting a lack of non-compete clause.

Per the writeup, it's thought that WWE and Matt have been in talks over a new deal and aren't "far apart on financial considerations." Regardless, how Hardy would be used if he signed an extension is thought to be a big sticking point, as the 42-year-old understands that this could be his career's last big contract - and the past couple of years haven't always been kind to him.


While PWInsider's sources state that Matt was thankful to return with brother Jeff at WrestleMania 33, that WWE didn't capitalise on his 'Broken'/'Woken' character as hard as Impact Wrestling did could be an issue. This could explain the existence of Matt's new Free the Delete web series, which may be Hardy's early attempt at preparing for life after WWE.

The report also notes that Jeff is likely to have time added onto his current deal as a result of time missed through injuries and legal issues.

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