Report: Shane McMahon's Push Is "Infuriating" The WWE Roster

Disgruntled fans aren't the only ones upset with 'The Best In The World.'

Shane McMahon Raw

Recent months have seen Shane McMahon become a weapons-grade troll in WWE, with the 49-year-old dominating increasingly large portions of Raw and SmackDown every single week, having just flattened company golden boy Roman Reigns in a farce of a bout at Super ShowDown.

Shane's push and presentation have sparked an intense backlash. Though he's always been a divisive performer, the 'Best in the World' draws heat, but arguably not the good kind, and there's now talk that this extends to WWE's own backstage area.

Per Fightful Select, "the decision to heavily feature Shane McMahon in the middle of a Wild Card scenario that already limits screen-time for others is infuriating."

That last word is critical. If the report is accurate (and the source's track record suggests it probably is), then it sounds like the WWE locker-room has finally had enough of the boss' son taking what could be their televised opportunities - and understandably so. Imagine being Ali or Buddy Murphy at the moment.

Last week brought reports that Shane may soon take Kofi Kingston's WWE Championship in a move that could spark another #CancelWWENetwork-esque revolt. A hilariously misguided move if true, but hilarious nonetheless.

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