Report: WWE Moving MORE NXT Wrestlers To Raw & SmackDown?

More wrestlers to follow in Matt Riddle's footsteps?


More WWE wrestlers may soon follow in Matt Riddle's footsteps by jumping from NXT to Raw or SmackDown.

This is according to a new report from Fightful stating that following news of 'The Original Bro's' impending move to SmackDown, "there are additional call-ups planned for the main roster." Nothing has been set in stone yet though it's expected that several black-and-gold names could make the jump to Monday or Friday nights.

News that Riddle was on the verge of a SmackDown jump circulated earlier this week. It was suggested that Wednesday's epic Cage Fight with Timothy Thatcher would serve as his farewell appearance in NXT, with the former UFC fighter set to debut on SD as early as this or next week. This makes tonight's episode a particularly interesting watch.


Eagle-eyed Reddit posters have pointed out that Riddle has now been removed from the NXT banner on

The conversation on moves that would have previously been considered "call-ups" has changed since last September, when NXT started airing live on USA Network. WWE no longer presents the show as developmental, promoting parity between its three mainline brands instead, though jumping to Raw or SmackDown is still a step up in viewership and exposure.

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