Roman Reigns Reveals "Consequences" On WWE SmackDown

What's the added stipulation for Sunday's Hell In A Cell?

Roman Reigns revealed the "consequences" he's been talking about for weeks on last night's edition of WWE SmackDown.

Reigns and Paul Heyman worked a fun segment with both Jey and Jimmy Uso before getting down to business and unveiling their plans for Sunday's Hell In A Cell pay-per-view. Jimmy posed as Jey on the tron so that his brother could attack Reigns in-ring.

Then, when both Usos were celebrating a job well done on the ramp, Roman grabbed the mic and said that the pair would be banished from "the family" if Jey lost at the weekend. Predictably, Reigns then said that Uso would lose by saying "I Quit" inside the Cell.


There you go then - those are the "huge stakes" that WWE spent weeks hyping up.

Some won't be satisfied, because it did seem that the company were teasing something a little bigger, but it is what it is. These "consequences", regardless of magnitude, were never going to top the core "I Quit" or HIAC gimmicks this Universal Title match already had.


Reigns also said that he'd be "nothing" if he lost the belt to Jey, but promised that wouldn't happen.

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