Sin Cara Denies Signing New WWE Contract

The Man with no Face is still the man with no deal.

Sin Cara

Reports doing the rounds during the past few days suggested that SmackDown's presently-sidelined superstar Sin Cara had inked a brand new three-year deal with WWE, coinciding with AJ Styles similarly putting pen to paper on a fresh agreement on Monday.

Since the news broke, the former Hunico has taken to social media to scotch the story. Following in the footsteps of Styles' manner of confirming his new contract, Sin Cara posted a picture of the 'most recent member' of his family - an adorable pet chihuahua - before appending that he has in fact not signed on the dotted line anew with his employers.


Sin Cara has been on the treatment table since undergoing a knee scope last August. Though it's not know when he is expected to return to action, he has resumed training within WWE's Performance Center. Check back for more details on this story as they develop - or, as is the case here, do not.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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