Spoiler: Ex-TNA Star Shows Up At AEW Rampage Tapings

Two current AEW stars got some backup from an old friend during Rampage.

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Former TNA man Homicide made a surprise appearance at AEW's special Grand Slam event last night.

Homicide ran out to aid Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston during their 'Lights Out' match with Minoru Suzuki and Lance Archer during the part of the show taped for Friday's episode of Rampage - Homicide freed Moxley from some handcuffs, then helped his pals score the popular win.

Post-match, the ROH stalwart celebrated with Mox and Kingston, and Eddie called New York "AEW's town". It's worth pointing out that Homicide and Kingston were previously part of both the LAX and OGz stables in TNA/Impact Wrestling.


It's unclear whether or not this run-in was a one-off for Grand Slam or part of something bigger though.

Homicide's appearance came right at the end of AEW's big night at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens. It, and victory for the Moxley/Kingston duo, sent fans inside the building home happy. Again though, nobody knows for sure quite yet if Homicide has signed a full-time deal to become All Elite.


His interference will air on this Friday's edition of Rampage, and it sounds like it'll be worth checking out.

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