The One Tag Team WWE Need To Push In 2019

THIS all-star tandem can save WWE's dying tag divisions in 2019.

Sami Zayn Daniel Bryan Silhouettes

WWE's tag divisions are in the dumps at the moment.

Monday Night Raw has an all-time great tandem in The Usos, but little else. While The Viking Raiders are wonderful berzerkers, creative have already undermined them with a goofy, on-the-nose name and it won't be long before Ronnie Ragnarok and Thor McSmashyaxe are drinking mead from horns in Valhalla-based vignettes. The Revival are a dying act set to be consigned to 12 months of back-shaving segments before their contracts expire. While fun, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder as champions destroy the belts' credibility. AoP are shelved, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are trying to escape, and the Lucha House Party and Ascension are typecast as jobbers.

SmackDown Tag Team Champions Matt and Jeff Hardy are currently in limbo with the latter injured. Beneath them? Two-thirds of The New Day (though Kofi Kingston's WWE Title reign limits tag opportunities), Heavy Machinery, The Colons, and The B-Team, rounded off by a miscast Rusev and over-the-hill Shinsuke Nakamura. Remind us why they split Sheamus and Cesaro again?

Even NXT, for so long the vanguard of modern WWE tag wrestling, looks set to plummet, with the Vikings departing for Raw and the Undisputed Era showing kayfabe dissent.

A promotion with over 200 different wrestlers on its books shouldn't have this problem. Fortunately, the solution isn't too complicated.



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