This WWE Female Worries Her Babyface Promos Are "Whiny"

Playing top babyface on Raw doesn't come easy for this WWE women's star.

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair has told the NotSam Wrestling Podcast that she's determined to work on her babyface promos so they don't come across so "whiny".

Flair is aware that she comes across as entitled on the mic - she has admitted before that playing heel feels much more natural to her than being face. It's no accident that her best WWE work has been done as an antagonist.

Even so, she knows she has to "get better".


Charlotte also told Sam Roberts that she questioned WWE's logic during a recent rivalry with Lacey Evans and her father Ric. Behind the scenes, she expressed concerns that her character might look stupid by falling for some old tricks from the 'Nature Boy' playbook.

Flair wasn't sure why she'd run into traps set by her dad when "I’ve already been on camera with him and he was my manager". That's a fair point.


WWE ploughed ahead with the feud regardless, and that forced Charlotte to try and cut some heartfelt promos. Those are the ones she described as "whiny". Flair thinks she's done a poor job of explaining herself on the mic as a baby to date.

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