Tony Khan Addresses Vince McMahon's Comments About AEW Not Being Competition

The AEW Chairman responds to Vince McMahon's dismissive comments from earlier in the year.

Tony Khan

Following Vince McMahon's prior comments about not viewing AEW as competition, AEW President Tony Khan has now given his thoughts on McMahon's words.

Speaking during an interview with DAZN, Khan pointed out how he's heard WWE officials will watch AEW programming while at the Gorilla position.

"Do they see us as rivals or competition? They say we're not, but I've heard that AEW shows are on monitors in the Gorilla position over there, so I take that as a compliment if they're watching us while trying to run their own show."

Going further, Tony talked up his admiration for WWE in that regard:

"I also admire them for that, because trying to run a show whilst watching another show is something else. I put everything into producing our shows, so there's no way I'd be watching something else whilst trying to get on with things."

For those who missed Vince's previous comments, this year's Q2 earnings call saw him respond to questions about AEW by stating how he doesn't consider them to be competition in the way that WCW was competition back in the '90s.

Not content with saying simply that, McMahon was sure to add how AEW wasn't even anywhere close to being the same level of competition as AEW, then moved to question the investments of Tony Khan's promotion - even mentioning how maybe WWE could give AEW some more of its talent.


Of course, a handful of former WWE stars who have impressed in AEW include Jon Moxley, Chris Jericho, Miro, Sting, FTR, Malakai Black, PAC and Cody Rhodes, plus there's the recent big-name arrivals of ex-WWE talent in the shape of Ruby Soho, Bryan Danielson, CM Punk and Adam Cole.

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