Tony Khan Admits Fitting AEW Talent Into 3 Hours Of TV Is A Challenge

Is it a case of too many wrestlers, not enough television for AEW?

Tony Khan

That All Elite Wrestling arguably has too many wrestlers to fit on only three hours of weekly television is an oft-repeated talking point in wrestling discourse - and company president Tony Khan has admitted the challenge.

Speaking on Swerve Strickland's Swerve City show, the AEW founder spoke briefly on the difficulties of working with a large roster but only a relatively small television allowance. He did, however, mention YouTube shows Dark and Dark: Elevation as important outlets in this regard (h/t

“I think a big thing is right now we have so many great stars and there’s only three hours of TV time in AEW. So it’s a challenge, but I think we use other great outlets at our disposal like AEW Dark and AEW Elevation which are great shows.”

AEW currently has over 100 wrestlers under contract. With three hours on TNT and TBS between Rampage and Dynamite, talents' usage rates vary. While the promotion's biggest stars are near locks to appear most weeks, others drift in and out of prominence, frequently taking time away from the cable shows and competing exclusively on YouTube.


Several wrestlers have left the crowded roster in 2022 already, with the likes of Jack Evans, Joey Janela, and Marko Stunt departing following the expiration of their contracts. Whether or not more will follow remains to be seen.

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