Top AEW Star Says He "Never Needs" To Become World Champion

This wrestler's main goal is "to never need" the AEW World Championship.

Cody Rhodes

Does Cody Rhodes ever need to become AEW World Champion? He doesn't think so.

During an interview with the 'Carton & Roberts' radio program, Cody discussed his storyline ban from challenging for the top belt and said it's ultimately Tony Khan's call. Despite that, Rhodes likes the idea of being a wrestler who stands out because he "never needs" the World Title.

He did, however, admit that it'd be the "easiest heel turn in the history of wrestling" if he went back on his word and accepted another crack at the championship; Cody's on screen character lost the right to wrestle for the AEW World Title "ever again" after losing to Chris Jericho back at Full Gear 2019.


Since then, he has enjoyed the "disciplined and conservative" way his character has bounced back to remain an important part of programming.

In a slightly-kayfabe moment, Rhodes also said he didn't want "to sound braggadocious or egotistical", but that he considers himself the "1A" piece of talent on AEW's roster. That's why he doesn't think he needs the AEW Title around his waist.


Most wrestling fans still think it's bound to happen eventually.

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