Top NXT Stars Reportedly "Passed" On WWE Contract Extensions In 2019

WWE had a tough time locking several top NXT stars down to lengthy deals a few years ago.

Johnny Gargano

Fightful Select are reporting that top NXT stars like Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole and Pete Dunne turned down the chance to extend their WWE deals back in 2019.

WWE had been keen to tie up some of the brand's best workers to long-term contracts, but the numbers quoted were "nowhere near" what others were getting on Raw and SmackDown at the time. So, several top NXT wrestlers decided against re-signing.

This all happened in late-2019 when NXT was moving to USA Network and AEW premiered Dynamite as competition. Of course, Cole eventually left WWE and joined All Elite, but Fightful claims the company are still keen to keep ahold of Gargano.


Dunne has since re-signed.

Gargano's contract runs through until December - there's still time for WWE to sit down with 'Johnny TakeOver' and thrash things out then. They probably should, because NXT can ill-afford to lose someone with his experience, popularity and tenure.


Fightful's report also noted that numerous "names further down the card and others who were not even being used on TV" also passed on the restructured deals being offered.

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