Triple H Wants NXT Runs For Main Roster Rejects

All the big talking points from 'The Game's' NXT conference call.

Triple H NXT Promo

Triple H gave his customary pre-TakeOver media conference call yesterday, speaking on a number of key developmental topics ahead of Saturday's event in Chicago.

The possibility of main roster talents joining NXT for career-reviving runs )a la Cesaro and Tyson Kidd a few years ago) was a big talking point, with Triple H stating that he "loves the unpredictability," and that such moves would certainly help those who've lost their way on Raw and SmackDown.

'The Game' acknowledged that NXT's stacked roster would make it difficult to accommodate struggling main roster talent, citing EC3's lack of TakeOver match as evidence of developmental's depth.

This is something that has been hinted several times in recent years, particularly in late 2017. No formal trades have ever been made, but with The Revival and Tye Dillinger returning to NXT house shows in recent weeks and Hunter refusing to rule it out, it may yet come to fruition.

On top of this, Triple H singled WWE UK standout Pete Dunne out for praise, claiming he sees 'The Bruiserweight' as a future WWE Champion. He also acknowledged that the company may eventually move NXT from the Network to television, and that there are currently no plans to expand the Performance Center.

The full conference call can be found here.

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