Update On AEW's Upcoming "Third Hour" Of Television

AEW's "third hour" is coming to TNT, but it WON'T be an extension of Dynamite...

Tony Khan

Tony Khan's interview on Renee Paquette's Oral Sessions podcast earlier this week saw the AEW president reaffirm that the promotion's upcoming "third hour" of television will not be an extension of Dynamite.

Here's what Khan had to say (h/t Fightful for the transcriptions):-

"I'm really excited about adding a third hour of television. That's going to be the most important thing for us. We've accumulated so much talent and depth and being able to showcase all of our great wrestlers."
"It will not be a third hour of Dynamite and it will not be on Wednesday, but it will be a third hour with WarnerMedia and great exposure for us."

Rumoured as far back as September 2019, AEW confirmed it was working on a second weekly TNT show upon signing a new four-year TV deal with the network worth $175 million last January. September saw Khan confirm that it would arrive "within 12 months" during his pre-Full Gear media call, stating that further market research had to be done before taking things further.


Khan also spoke of providing "more opportunities and real estate for our wrestlers" during Oral Sessions, asserting, once more, that he "definitely [doesn't] want to do three hours of Dynamite."

A December trademark application for "AEW Elevation" led to speculation that this would be AEW's new show, though the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer soon shot those rumours down.

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