Update On WWE SmackDown Live's Touring Schedule Ahead Of FOX Move

What's the current plan for the blue brand's touring schedule once the FOX move happens?

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As of yesterday, reports from PWInsider indicated that WWE’s SmackDown brand could be reduced to a three-day touring schedule once the blue brand moves to FOX this October. Now though, new reports have surfaced to shoot down that talk of a three-day tour for the Smackers crew.

Those initial reports claimed that the SmackDown roster would do SmackDown Live on FOX on the Friday before then embarking on non-televised live events on the Saturday and Sunday, but Dave Meltzer has moved to reiterate how the SmackDown crew will instead be enjoying a four-day loop when that FOX move kicks in.

A four-day road schedule has long been a staple for WWE talent, and Uncle Dave claims that the SmackDown brand will have a non-televised live event on the Thursday in addition to those Friday, Saturday and Sunday dates.

The only exception to this, of course, is when the Sunday dates happen to fall on the same day as a PPV – in which case the PPV clearly takes precedence.

To back up Meltzer’s claims, the WWE website’s calendar does have a SmackDown live event booked in for Thursday, October 17th – which is the day before SmackDown Live’s October 18th debut on FOX.

Where Raw is concerned, the red brand will still run non-televised events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday once SmackDown moves to its Friday spot on FOX. The exception here again being Raw won’t run live events on PPV Sundays.

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