Vince McMahon Described As "Volatile" Before Last Night's WWE Raw

The boss was on the war path...


It was previously reported that things were chaotic before last night's WWE Raw tapings at the Performance Center, but journalist Gary Cassidy has shed more light on just how manic things were.

He tweeted that sources told him Vince McMahon was "volatile" before the tapings even started.

The show's format over the next two weeks has constantly suffered minute-to-minute changes. This is nothing especially new (WWE change their minds frequently), but Cassidy's sources claimed the indecisiveness was really getting to Vince and tipping him over the edge.


He described it as "even wilder than usual" when reporting on the situation.

What's more, next week's episode of Raw was still incomplete before WWE started their hectic filming schedule. There's no word on just how much was sorted out or what next week's broadcast will look like.


WWE has since announced Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens and Asuka vs. Bayley for the program, so there must've been some order at least.

Cassidy was told the following: "The shows will happen and air, but there's no attainable goal of quality because everything is decided under the pressure cooker of it all coming down to the very last minute."

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