Vince McMahon Is Reportedly High On This Surprising WWE Star

WWE head honcho McMahon is a fan of this surprising Raw and SmackDown name.

Reginald Thomas

It's Reginald.

Fightful Select are reporting that Vince McMahon is a huge fan of the wine waiter-turned-burns victim. He's the one pushing for Reggie to remain on TV, and the boss thinks his "presentation, delivery and skill set in the ring" are all top notch.

The site's WWE sources told them that Reg is easy to work with and has been open to anything the creative team send his way. That likely also pleases McMahon, because it shows that Reginald is a team player. That'd also explain why Carmella's old sommelier has been moved into a more featured spot alongside Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler and (latterly) Alexa Bliss.


Reggie even got to work a few short matches on Raw and SmackDown. Most of them follow a similar pattern - Reg flips around the place like a gymnast, then inevitably gets caught in the crosshairs of his opponents or works a non-finish.

That's all Vince's doing, and the ride might not be over quite yet.


McMahon's whims are well-known and change often, but he's impressed by what Reginald is doing. Who knows what's next once the Nia/Shayna/Alexa story dries up though.

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