What Are WWE's Plans For Seth Rollins And The Fiend?

WWE have booked themselves into a confusing mess.


The ongoing feud between Seth Rollins and The Fiend is an absolute head-scratcher. After the utter tragedy that was their Hell in a Cell farce, Wyatt spooked Rollins out of the arena on SmackDown last week, only to see himself later drafted to the blue brand, effectively cleaving their programme across two shows.

This past week, Seth Rollins showed up on Raw, where he burned down the Firefly Funhouse to an absolute hailstorm of boos. Bafflingly, despite The Architect holding the Universal Championship - the red brand's top title - his act of arson was apparently so that the whole affair can shift across to Friday nights on SmackDown. (Source: Wrestling Observer Radio)

Seemingly confirming this theory, Bray is currently only scheduled for dark matches on Raw through to the end of November. Effectively, The Fiend is in situ to help drive live attendance, but won't be a part of ongoing television concerns on Monday nights for the foreseeable.

Additionally, Wyatt is advertised for SmackDown tapings during the same time period.

Precisely what this means for the Universal Championship going forwards is unclear. Theoretically, with Cain Velasquez looking Raw bound, the logical move would be to switch his opponent Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins between shows - except for the fact FOX have specifically requested 'The Beast' on SmackDown.

It's quite the pickle.

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