What Grade Would Cody Rhodes Give AEW's First Full Year?

Cody Rhodes grades AEW's first full year as a true alternative to WWE.


Cody Rhodes thinks AEW's first full year as a company between 2019-2020 was a huge success.

During his recent appearance on 'Talk Is Jericho', the former WWE midcarder-turned-standalone smash hit revealed that he'd give the company an "A" overall - Cody also admitted that, as an important part of the company and someone who works tirelessly to improve it, he was never going to give it a poor rating.

He wouldn't go as far as a lofty A+ though, but thinks there is room for that in the future if AEW continues to grow like it has since launching.


Rhodes is particularly grateful that the new venture didn't tank immediately. That was a genuine fear, because starting a WWE alternative wasn't easy and adjusting to day-to-day management was challenging for him personally. Cody then told Chris Jericho that AEW's first 12 months is "still the greatest year of [his] life".

Cody is excited to see what's next for the promotion. So is Jericho; both agreed that 2021 and beyond should be even more special for AEW.


Do you agree with Rhodes' A grade? Or, do you think it's predictably high?

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