What Happened After Last Night's WWE Raw Went Off The Air?

John Cena wasn't on Raw itself, but he and Riddle went to work after the show...

Riddle John Cena

John Cena teamed with Riddle to face Mace and T-Bar after last night's WWE Raw went off the air.

The match went roughly 10 minutes, with the babyfaces overcoming the former RETRIBUTION members when Cena hit Mace with an Attitude Adjustment. PWInsider note that Riddle ended up working the majority of the match before Cena tagged in and ran through each of his signature spots.

Cena and Riddle engaged in a "bro off" as well. "What is a 'bro off'?", you ask.


See below:-

Cena and Riddle interacted with each other for the first time on last week's episode of Raw, as Riddle hit the ring to close out the 16-time World Champion's opening promo. They had never shared a wrestling ring prior to this.

Last night's Raw was listed as part of WWE's 'Summer of Cena' tour when it was announced earlier this month. Thus, it was reasonable for fans to expect the veteran to appear on the broadcast itself - but he did not. The reasons for this are unknown.


Though the champ is yet to accept the challenge, Cena will likely wrestle for Roman Reigns' Universal Championship at SummerSlam 2021 (21 August).

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