What Happened After Last Night's WWE Smackdown Went Off The Air

Fans in Nashville witnessed quite the dark match main event after SmackDown.

Big E Kevin Owens Seth Rollins

WWE brought a whole bunch of Raw stars over to SmackDown on Friday night.

Big E helped Kofi Kingston beat Madcap Moss, and Kevin Owens teamed with current FOX regular Seth Rollins (at least until after the Royal Rumble) to beat The Usos in a stipulation-laden main event; WWE teased that Seth would lose his Universal Title opportunity had Jimmy and Jey won.

They didn't, so the brothers are now banned from ringside for Roman Reigns' next title defence at the Rumble.


The company had another little treat waiting for fans in Tennessee once the cameras stopped rolling. Big E, KO and Rollins all teamed together against Roman and The Usos in six-man tag action. The most interesting thing here is that both Owens and Rollins have been heels recently, but they were buddying up with a clear babyface.

Rollins pinned Roman following a Curb Stomp too. Twitter user @TNRevolver shared some pics from the bout - they included the match-winning finisher on Reigns.


Some fans pointed out that this was effectively 'Team Raw' vs. 'Team SmackDown'. WWE probably don't want folks drawing attention to that right now though. Brand warfare isn't the story they're going with.

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