What Super-Unique Gift Did Stone Cold Give Jim Ross?

JR has a piece of WWE history in his house...

On a recent episode of his 'Grilling JR' podcast, Jim Ross took some fan questions from listeners. The most interesting answer came when someone asked the iconic announcer which piece of wrestling memorabilia, if any, means the world to Jim.

That's when Ross revealed that he actually owns a unique piece of industry history.

After Steve Austin worked his final match at WrestleMania XIX in 2003, 'Stone Cold' decided to give his good pal JR the boots he wore to the ring. That's right, Jim has Austin's ring-worn boots in his house, and they take pride of place in his collection.


They'd fetch a pretty penny, but JR ain't selling.

Ross provided commentary on some of Austin's finest in-ring moments, and the 'Rattlesnake' wanted to commemorate his friendship with the announcer by giving him his boots. It was a show of respect from one peer to another, and it's something that meant a great deal to Jim.


One only hopes that he occasionally throws on WWF The Music: Volume 3, skips to track 14, pulls the boots on and recreates Austin's walk to the ring. Only kidding.

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