What The Hell Is WWE's 'Boneyard Match'?

The Undertaker's new gimmick match or a fresh twist on something classic?

The Undertaker Raw 2020

As the title asks: just what in the name of Paul Bearer is a 'Boneyard Match'?

AJ Styles sent out the challenge to The Undertaker on last night's episode of Raw, and even the announcers were confused as to what the stipulation actually entails. Could it be Styles' own gimmick match? Unlikely, because this is 'Taker - he's had more matches pitched in his honour than anyone else in WWE history.

Past classics from 'Deadman' history, like the 'Buried Alive' stip, could leave some clues. This might be the promotion's rather PG way of renaming that timeless gimmick bout. Or, 'Boneyard' could be something fresh that ties in with The Undertaker's new/sort of new/kinda' retro quasi-biker look.

The legend was once part of a backstage group that called themselves the 'Bone Street Krew' too. He has 'BSK' tattooed on his body, and so the 'bone' part of the gimmick could be a nod towards that.

Of course, it's all guesswork at this point. WWE will announce what a 'Boneyard Match' is at some point. Either that or they'll keep it annoyingly vague until WrestleMania 36 happens. If the bout turns out to be a glorified street fight, then a lot of people will end up disappointed.

'Taker looks like he's already burying the past, so why not bury AJ while he's at it?

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