What Will It Take For CM Punk To Return To WWE?

'Best in the World' addresses question on AMA.

CM Punk Big Bag

CM Punk just can't keep out of the wrestling news, no matter how hard he faintly tries.

This past month, the rumour mill began flailing wildly over the suggestion that 'The Best in the World' might finally make a WWE comeback as a talk show host, and though that didn't materialise, Punk has again been stirring the pot with comments in a recent Reddit AMA.

The MMA dilettante could reasonably have expected a question over a potential WWE return the moment he opened the floor up, and sure enough, it was almost the first thing he was asked. Specifically, redditor AlexMythic wished to know precisely what it'd take to persuade Mr. Brooks to make formal amends with Stamford.

Punk cooly replied:

"Oh, of course I'm going to get asked that, no need to apologize! It'd have to be a very big bag."

A very big bag! Like, one of the expensive, 50p 'Bags for Life' from a supermarket? Or perhaps a washbag? That's a very reasonable request, and we reckon Punk is undervaluing his services - even if he hasn't wrestled in over half a decade.

Unless he wants a big bag full of cash. It's probably that.

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