What WWE Has Planned For Next Week's NXT Reboot Episode

WWE's big NXT reboot is expected to go down next week. Here's what's lined up...

WWE NXT Logo 2021

WWE has announced several matches and segments for next week's episode of NXT, which is expected to be the former black and gold brand's big reboot episode.

In a move that all but guarantees a tidy ratings boost, as angles like this tend to do, Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell are getting married on-air. This was built towards last night, with Dexter and Indi hosting their bachelor and bachelorette parties for comic relief.

As far as matches go, Franky Monet will challenge for Raquel Gonzalez's NXT Women's Championship after Robert Stone badgered General Manager William Regal into giving his managerial client a title shot. There'll also be a Fatal 4-Way match to determine Samoa Joe's next challenger for the main NXT Title, with LA Knight, Pete Dunne, Kyle O'Reilly, and Tommaso Ciampa all involved.


Next week will also be NXT's return to live programming following a three-week stint of pretaped shows.

Aesthetic details on the big NXT rebranding have been scarce, though WWE has unveiled a new logo accompanied by what could be the brand's new theme song, performed by Wale. If the logo and track are anything to go by, major changes are to be expected.

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