When Did Alexa Bliss First Pitch WWE's Bray Wyatt Angle?

It was a LONG time ago...

Alexa Bliss has told Metro that she pitched an angle with Bray Wyatt to WWE bosses way back in 2016.

Four years on from first begging to work with Wyatt's multi-layered gimmick, Alexa is finally getting her wish on SmackDown. She's currently locked in a curious alteration with Bray's 'Fiend', and it could totally reinvigorate her own character.

Obviously, the 'Fiend' didn't exist when Bliss first landed on WWE's main roster, but she loved the idea of working alongside Wyatt to create something compelling that'd give her solid purpose upon fleeing the NXT nest.


The only problem is that, back then, WWE weren't interested.

Alexa kept plugging away though, and pointed out that her on screen persona had lost a bit of momentum over the past few years. Finally, the creative team agreed to push Bliss into an angle with the maniacal, twisted nightmare Bray had come up with.


Bliss did admit that her original pitch barely "made sense at the time" she first wanted to do it. Now, thanks to Wyatt's alter egos, WWE has way more scope to tie other characters into his lore.

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