Which AEW Stars Trained Randy Orton For WWE's "Greatest Match"?

"We created a bond, a friendship".


AEW tag-team FTR told Fightful during a new interview that they both helped train Randy Orton for his "Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" against Edge at Backlash in June.

The pair revealed that Orton caught a flight to Asheville, North Carolina so he could work out some technical wrestling stuff with Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler a few weeks before the pay-per-view headliner was taped. For reference, Cash had previously helped Edge shake off some ring rust before his return at January's Royal Rumble too.

Basically, FTR played a big role in that Backlash epic.


They said working with Randy cemented a bond that had started to grow the previous year - FTR also said that they weren't sure Orton would like them talking so openly about training him in the media, but joked that it'd be fine in the end "because he loves us".

Dax almost found himself regretting how things panned out with WWE. He said, "I wish they would have went with it [a faction with Orton], but they didn’t" before closing with, "Maybe I’m glad they didn’t because now we’re having the time of our lives [in AEW]".

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