Which WWE Legend Could Get His Own 'Last Ride' Documentary Series?

Tugging at the heart strings is working for WWE Network, and they're not done...

Ric Flair

'Nature Boy' Ric Flair told Wrestling Inc that there's a good chance he'll receive his own documentary series akin to WWE's 'Last Ride' stunner on the Network sometime soon.

The company, clearly also inspired by Michael Jordan's mini-series 'The Last Dance', are apparently keen to focus on more subjects than just The Undertaker. Any Flair doc would expand on ESPN's '30 For 30' special too, and it'd give Ric a chance to tell all on his struggles with retirement and health in full.

Flair's appearance on Steve Austin's own Network show, 'Broken Skull Sessions', was teary and reflective. He told Wrestling Inc that he's the "luckiest guy alive" and thinks "there's a whole other chapter" he and WWE could explore beyond that podcast.


One issue might be that WWE wouldn't have any actual matches to pin down a series on Flair. He hasn't wrestled for the company since 2008, but they could make that part of the narrative - Ric has been outspoken in the past about working the fabled 'one more match'.

Whilst it's highly unlikely this would work towards that, it could still be a fascinating tale.

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