Which WWE Star 'Feels The Best She's Ever Felt'?

"This is the greatest I've ever felt in the ring".


WWE's Sasha Banks told Gorilla Position that she feels better than ever in 2020.

The current Raw Women's Champion wondered aloud if the lack of travel was helping her mindset, but then said she was feeling "super good" regardless of the reasons for her happiness. Banks also believes she's putting in her "best work ever" between the ropes.

She did also mention that things will never be normal in WWE until fans are back around ringside, but it's clear that Sasha is enjoying the chance to make the best of things. Specifically, she cited her ongoing run with Bayley as the "greatest time" she's ever had in her career.


That covers a lot of ground.

Banks said that Bayley and herself only want the best for WWE and for women in the promotion as a whole. This follows comments from Bayley about flying the flag for women in the company and taking up the mantle left by top stars like Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.


It's surely only a matter of time before WWE turn either Sasha or Bayley. That's undoubtedly the biggest female feud they have in their back pockets.

For now though, Banks is just enjoying the process.

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