Which WWE Star Fell Asleep Under The Ring And Missed His Cue?

He almost missed a spot with The Undertaker...

Imagine spending seven hours underneath a wrestling ring with only a PSP and Gatorade to keep you company.

Former WWE star Hornswoggle doesn't need to - he lived that experience countless times during non-televised house show tours. Lil' Horny told Instinct Culture that he once spent so long under the canvas that he literally fell asleep.

Above his head, Finlay was working The Undertaker on a live event, and they expected their peer to pop out from beneath the ring at any minute. The only problem was that he couldn't, because he was so comfortable under there that he'd nodded off.


Finlay woke 'Swoggle by pulling up the ring apron and asking what was taking him so long. Finally, the wee man hauled ass into the ring for his spot with 'Taker, and he couldn't stop apologising; the locker room veteran wasn't happy that Hornswoggle had missed his cue, but they had a good laugh about it later on backstage.

'Swoggle recalls mumbling, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry" under his breath over and over again before doing his routine with 'Taker.

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