Which WWE Star Wouldn't Be Surprised To See The Undertaker Come Out Of Retirement?

'An athlete's retirement, whether it’s in wrestling or not, it can be very shaky. '

Speaking on a recent episode of The Sports Bubble podcast with Jensen Karp, current WWE star Big E revealed he 'wouldn't be surprised one bit' to see The Undertaker reverse his recent retirement.

Despite paying tribute to 'The Deadman' for an entire episode of SmackDown and 'The Demon of Death Valley' all but confirming his retirement in the final episode of The Last Ride series, fans around the world still aren't fully convinced they've seen the last of the legendary WWE figure.

During the podcast appearance, current SmackDown Tag Team Champion Big E admitted that he thinks a wrestler's retirement is 'shaky'.

'An athletes retirement, whether it’s in wrestling or not, it can be very shaky. We all were wrapped up in ‘The Last Dance’ and obviously MJ retired and then unretired, and it’s very common. And you know, with a guy as popular as The Undertaker, what I thought was the cinematic match, the match with AJ [Styles], I thought was incredible. And I think he can continue to have those kinds of matches.'

Many people felt 'Taker's recent Boneyard encounter with AJ Styles brought out the best in the 30+ year veteran and Big E feels he is still capable of participating in those cinematic style matches.

'I think the cinematic match style, I think is kind of best for a guy like Undertaker who’s older, who might not be able to have the 25-minute classics in the ring that he would want at his age,” He added. “So, I could see him continuing to do, like, cinematic matches for a few more years.

With another potential cinematic match against the 'Phenomenal One' still on the cards, does Big E think we've truly seen the last of 'The Phenom'?

'He has the leverage to make the decision when he wants to walk away or not. I don’t know. I’m not going to make any declarations because I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he returns.'

In all honesty, Mark Calaway seems genuinely content to finally ride off into the sunset. But, we've been worked before...

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