WWE: 10 Most Inappropriate Storylines Ever

Undertaker The WWE creative process has entertained fans for decades with tales of heroism and conflict... but that hasn't always been the case. What should in essence be a story about a hero chasing down a villain and the treasure of championship gold, WWE creative sometimes warps into the most bizarre storylines ever seen on broadcast television. We have seen it all over the years, regardless of the era, inappropriate storylines have always excited Vince McMahon. The creative team is in constant flux in the WWE, but Vince is the one constant, and his lust for car crash TV knows no bounds. The likes of Michael Hayes, Bruce "Brother Love" Prichard and Stephanie McMahon have also been on board with inappropriate WWE storylines, and you pretty much have to get on board with Vince's 'taste' if you are to survive as a WWE writer. Wrestling's mad professor Paul Heyman found this out at his peril. WWE Smackdown was the best television show in the whole of wrestling in 2002/03, in part because Heyman was writing the show. Creative disputes with McMahon's right hand man, television producer Kevin Dunn, cost Heyman his writing job. The result is that the majority of WWE's creative staff are afraid to rock the boat. Former WWE writers such as Dave Lagana have commented on this working atmosphere, noting that the WWE storyline job is more about pleasing McMahon than pleasing the audience. Sometimes McMahon gets it right, he is the man after all who pushed Hulk Hogan as the all American Hero and made Steve Austin a badass rebel. However, other times he gets it badly wrong - everything from incest, rape, racism, death and sexuality have been covered in WWE storylines as appropriate material for wrestling conflicts. Sometimes viewers just watch these segments and think to themselves, "what they hell are they thinking? Here we look at the 10 most inappropriate WWE storylines ever...
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